FALL 2020


Brianna Peraza

“I’ve been a member since Spring of 2020, but I wish I had joined sooner! Honestly what I think I drew me to dentistry is having to go through having braces twice when I was a kid. Every time I would go into my office I would get so excited, this didn’t seem like a normal thing for a kid but I guess my love for teeth just started early! 
I like to practice my manual dexterity by working on macrame and painting, as well as practicing yoga poses and inversions 🧘‍♀️ I’m planning to apply next cycle which is why I’ve been trying to focus on putting my skills to the test! I know it’s a stressful process, but I also know we can all do it! Our drive is the reason we are in this position right now, so whenever you’re feeling doubtful please remember your love for teeth!!”

Internal Vice President

Audrey Lee

"Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Bazzi and this is my first year as a member of the SDSU Pre-Dental organization.  I chose dentistry as my pre-health field after shadowing a dentist and realizing it is something I want to have a career in. I don’t do as much as I would like to contribute to my manual dexterity, but I frequently go fishing and find myself having to tie fishing knots for the friends that I go with. I also occasionally draw when hanging out with some of my younger cousins, but I definitely look foreword to strengthening my manual dexterity as I work towards becoming a dentist. I plan on applying to dental school after I graduate in 2022. My words of wisdom to some followers of the SDSU Pre-dental org would be to stay in contact and grow those relationships with the people that have the same interests as you because you can help each other reach your goals and hopefully some day become a great dentist."

Kelsey Choy

“My name is Kelsey Choy and I went to my first PDO meeting last semester but only went to 2 before the pandemic :(. I’m a fairly new member and I’m excited to see what this org has in store for me! I’ve always wanted to do something in the sciences, and I decided that dentistry was for me after I shadowed my uncle for a summer in high school. To practice my manual dexterity, I sew a lot of thrifted clothes (like this shirt in the picture that i made out of a bedsheet). I’m also really into pottery and I love throwing on the wheel! I plan on applying to dental school after I graduate in 2022. Some words of wisdom that my uncle shared with me that I’d like to pass on are to just enjoy your youth and time in school, because you can’t relive your undergrad years! :)”


Vincent Duarter

"My name is Luciano Manotas Isasi and I’ve been a member since last year. I chose dentistry as my pre-health profession because 
it’s very important to have a good smile and feel comfortable with your own smile since that is one of the first things people notice about others. I recently started a succulent garden at my house and I  have taken up painting as a side hobby. I plan on applying to dental school next cycle. Some words of wisdom I'd like to share with our members would be that the key to success is to start before you are ready. This is very important, especially in most pre health fields.”

Luciano Manotas Isasi

Sabrina Cesare

"Hi everyone, my name is Sabrina Cesare and I’ve been a member for a year and a half. I chose dentistry as my pre-health profession because dentistry is a combination of all my passions including science, art, and more! I play piano, water color paint, and do embroidery as a way to practice my manual dexterity. I'm planning to apply to dental school after graduation, summer '22. My words of wisdom would be: you’re going to be in school a long time no matter what so don’t rush! Take your time, do well, and enjoy it :)”

Ryan Ordaz

Matthew Bazzi

"My name is Ryan Ordaz and I’ve been a member of PDO for a year and a half now. Having the opportunity to start rebuilding ones health, smile and confidence is why I want to pursue a career in Dentistry. Other than assisting, in my free time I started tying different variations of fishing knots and am going to learn how to knit after the semester ends. I a going to be applying to dental school this upcoming cycle, which is in June! Remember,  your attitude will always determine your altitude, stay positive!"